Saturday, October 10, 2009

hello fall

uggs=warm-fuzzy-foot warming love
good morning fall.
it was wonderful to wake up this morning and pull these out of my closet :) today was fall cleaning!!!!! i pulled EVERYTHING out of my horse trunks in the garage... it was a mess. there was stuff everywhere. i never knew i owned so much junk!

... and here is my garage... and only half of the stuff i pulled out of the trunk. it needed to be done though. it was like a blast from the past! i found so many old things that i haven't seen for years! plus... my mom cleaned out some tubs of clothes- from the 80's and 90's- it was hysterical; i'll put photos of that up some other time.

who knew that i would be rolling wraps this weekend. i mean, it's a normal happening in ohio on the weekends... laundry, laundry, laundry. But i honestly think i rolled more wraps today than i do most weekends.

look who decided to join me-

(click photo to see larger)
my Grace. i've had her since i was in third grade. it's so sad to look at these pictures and see all the white on her face and still remember her as a little puppy. at the same time, she is still so lively and full of happiness; that makes me feel better.
but those eyes...

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